Investment Philosophy

Our Process

At Kondo Wealth Advisors, we’ve consistently implemented investment strategies based on the foundational philosophies of Modern Portfolio Theory and diversification since 2007. By providing guidance, leadership, and quarterbacking your team of key advisors (attorney, CPA), we help you successfully navigate the planning process and establish the most effective investment portfolio based on your unique goals and tolerance for risk.

We aim to keep you engaged throughout our process, providing you with the peace of mind needed to focus on your most important goals: your families, future, and communities.


Introductory Visit

We use this visit to gain an understanding of your particular situation and your needs, goals, and desires. From there, we work towards formulating the parameters of the design engagement, including fees, deadlines, and responsibilities.


Gathering and Evaluating
the Estate

In order to review your affairs, we request the following data:

  • Most current financial statements, including the ownership and basis of all investment holdings
  • Most recent individual and business tax returns
  • Existing legal planning documents (trust, will, POA)
  • Supporting data and documentation, such as stock option plans, buy-sell agreements and insurance policies


Analyzing and Testing

Through our collaborative team, we will create a plan by analyzing, testing, and incorporating various combinations of planning theories and strategies that specifically meet your needs.


Building the Plan

Using narratives, graphs, charts, and schedules, we will turn your wealth strategy into a dynamic and comprehensive plan.


Presenting the Plan

Once your plan has been built, we will walk you through it step-by-step, while listening to your feedback to further tailor the plan to meet your needs. We will discuss a timeline and goals for the plan’s implementation.


Plan Implementation

Once approved, each aspect of the implementation will be assigned to designated team members for immediate action. We will check in with you regularly to keep the plan current, so it remains relevant as your goals and circumstances evolve.

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