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Our Process

KWA believes in working in a collaborative team with our clients' other advisors (attorney, CPA®, banker or insurance professional). In this way we can better achieve the clients' goals. We provide guidance and leadership to help clients navigate the planning process, and quarterback the team of advisors to carry it out. Clients are free to focus on their most important goals, their families and communities, knowing their advisors are working together as a team to find the best planning strategies for them. Our seven-step process involves:

1) Pre-Engagement Introductory Visit
During our Introductory Visit we listen and ask questions to gain an understanding of the client's particular situation and concerns and their most important goals and desires. Based upon each client's needs and objectives we formulate the parameters of the design engagement, including fees, deadlines and responsibilities. Where appropriate, we set a time for the client to meet with us along with their trusted advisors.

2) Gathering and Evaluation of the Estate
If you would like us to review your affairs, we will request the following data:
* Most current financial statements, including the ownership and basis of all investment holdings
* Most recent individual and business tax returns
* Existing legal planning documents (trust, will, POA)
* Supporting data and documentation, such as stock option plans, buy-sell agreements and insurance portfolio policies

3) Analyzing and Testing
As a collaborative team we create a plan by analyzing, testing and challenging combinations of planning theories and strategies that specifically meet your needs.

4) Building the Plan
Through the use of narratives, graphs, charts and schedules, we build your wealth strategies plan into a comprehensive, dynamic and understandable plan.

5) Presenting the Preliminary Plan
We take you step-by-step through the preliminary plan and listen to your responses and feedback in order for the team to further tailor the plan.

6) Presenting the Final Plan
We present the polished plan and set specific fees, timelines and goals for the team's implementation. The sophisticated plan is then transformed into a workable and understandable model.

7) Plan Implementation
We assign every detail of the plan to the appropriate team member for immediate action. The client completes the documentation enabling each advisor to implement the completed plan. Where appropriate, we will help you open investment accounts, transfer assets, correct beneficiary designations, adjust asset allocations and protect against risk.




Higher Taxes and Your Financial Future

   -Effect on Estate Planning

   -Reducing Taxes

Saturday, September 11th, 2021

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