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We like our clients to be able to sleep well at night, accomplish their goals, and not run out of money in retirement. To create an investment strategy that is just right for them, we start by asking questions about what they hope for themselves and their loved ones, and about their unique risk tolerance. We specialize in investment strategies designed to provide more consistent returns, and if the market should go through a correction, to offer a great deal of downside protection. We accomplish this through broad, global diversification, just the opposite of putting all your eggs in one basket.

Just as important as a sound investment strategy is good communication, accessibility and responsiveness. Whenever you have questions about your account, or what is happening with the market, we are available in person or by phone or email. We want you to be able to reach us personally, rather than have you leave a recorded message or force you through a menu of recorded options.

We know how hard you worked for your money, and want to see it grow well while reducing risk and volatility. Our greatest gift is to see our clients buy a home, travel, see their children and grandchildren graduate from college, and enjoy a comfortable retirement.


Our Comprehensive Financial Plans are designed to put clients on the road towards achieving their financial goals, to keep them on track, and to get them there in the most reliable and cost-effective way.

Everyone looks at their world through a frame of their values. Each plan that we create is unique because it takes into consideration the client's history, community, culture and values. Clients are very comfortable with their plan because it is uniquely theirs. Their plan does not sit on the shelf but becomes an active blueprint for achieving their future goals.

Many of our plans are focused on retirement. This is especially urgent for Baby Boomers because they are retiring earlier and living longer. This means they will have to fund more years of retirement than previous generations. Having a well thought-out financial plan gives our clients the confidence that a successful retirement is achievable, and that they can have a quality of life that is emotionally rewarding. For those who are already retired, the Comprehensive Financial Plan gives them the peace-of-mind that they will not run out of money in retirement and they can enjoy the use of their assets without fear.


If you are fortunate enough to have more than enough assets for your lifetime, you probably want to pass on what is left to your children and grandchildren. This has the potential to create tremendous financial security for generations to come. Unfortunately, if your estate is large enough, the IRS wants part of it too. We help clients minimize having the IRS become their biggest beneficiary by using time-tested and reliable strategies.

Although the control of taxes is important, what is more important is to carry out what you feel is best for your family's future. Lack of planning often ends with children squabbling over the estate. We want to help our clients pass on their assets in a "good" way – enhancing positive values, giving children and grandchildren a "step up" towards accomplishing their goals, and reinforcing their motivation and drive.




Higher Taxes and Your Financial Future

   -Effect on Estate Planning

   -Reducing Taxes

Saturday, September 11th, 2021

09:00 am – 10:00 am

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